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Have a look to those amazing shots taken out of airplane windows. If you have more pictures, do not hesitate to share with us.

Here some photos about Farnborough International Airshow 2014. Have a look and do not hesitate to share if your have more pictures.

World War I was the first major conflict to see widespread use of powered aircraft invented barely more than a decade before the fighting began. Have a look.

Aircraft designers have always been striving to build bigger and bigger planes and some of their creations have tested man’s ability to fly to the very limit. Have a look to the ten super sized planes from history.

The SR-71 Blackbird is the ultimate spy plane of the cold War and it’s also the world fastest plane. Have a look to this amazing plane.

The ICON A5 is a small and sleek personal aircraft design.This aircraft is able to go to a top speed of 120mph. The price for this beauty is $140,000. Have a look.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Crashes in Ukraine

Amazing Aircraft drawing

Amazing story between a man and birds.Mr Moullec is a former meteorologist. He dedicated 17 years of his life to training orphaned geese to think of him as mother. It works on the theory that the birds will regard the first moving thing they see upon hatching as their mother and will follow anywhere and everywhere. He admits he lives and breathes for his birds and their astonishing bond explores the extraordinary relationship possible between man and bird. He had his first flight in 1996 in France, and his since taken flight with his birds hundreds of times across Europe, elevating the bird-lover to a minor celebrity status.